Bungee Jump From 233m Macau Tower... Backwards

On every trip to Hong Kong I try to spare a day to take the ferry to Macau for the main purpose of jumping off the 233m Macau Tower.  This was my 3rd jump so the staff asked if I wanted to try doing it backwards, adding that it's a lot scarier.  After flip-flopping twice I finally committed to doing it.

As you can image it's completely different from jumping forward.  Unlike facing forward, the sense of impending death is barely noticeable since you're not staring down at the ground far below.  The first few seconds feels a like the "trust" game where you fall backwards trusting that someone will catch you.  After about 1 meter of freefall your subconscious survival instinct kicks in as it realizes you should have hit the ground by now.  I won't lie, I let out a short scream at that exact moment before my conscious mind returned and realized I was secured to the bungee.  That split second when your subconscious instinct takes full control is the ultimate rush.


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