Mega 108 Watt 10 port USB charger with Quick Charge QC2.0

It finally happened, my travel kit grew to a point where more than 5 USB charging ports are required at one time. Chargers with more ports are available but I don't need yet another charger.  Instead I combined 2 good ones I already have. You could use them separately but one of my goals is optimizing design.

I started with two of these 54W Aukey 5-port USB chargers (PA-T1):
  • Ports 1-4
  • Port 5
    • Qualcomm Quickcharge 2.0 (older but still great)
    • 5V2A / 9V2A / 12V1.5A

Then extracted some powerful neodymium magnets which were originally rubber feet from a Foxconn mini PC.

Magnetic Foxconn Mini-PC feet

Cyanoacrylate provides a good bond between the metalic magnets and plastic so these can just be glued on after removing the rubber and surface prep with isopropyl alcohol.

The magnets turned out to be asymmetric so the larger side had to go down to increase the surface area for bonding.  This means that the poles are now repelling. Fortunately repelling magnets attract well side-to-side so I just had to offset one side.

Of course I could have just bought new magnets and not have had this issue at all but reduce/reuse/recycle.

Wide side of the magnet down for better bond

Perfect fit. Now they're essentially one unit but can be easily pulled apart to be used separately.  8 2.4A intelligent ports and 2 QC2.0 ports for a total of 108W max!

But let's not stop there. This still requires 2 power outlets and cables so I made this figure-8 Y cable which apparently does not exist.  The idea came from IEC Y cables used for servers with redundant power supplies.

Compact, organized, and no wasted outlets. 

With more time and resources I could further improve this. First upgrade to similar chargers with USB Type-C PD. Then make boxes modular using some type of pogopin or magnetic connector to link all the mains. This way no additional nor custom cables are required. The charging control processor should be able to also handle logic to limit the total number of linkable boxes for overload protection. Kickstarter?

Magnetic connector which supports mains power
could be added between boxes

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