2016 Retina MacBook Pro Upgrade Wishlist

It's been a while since Apple had a major refresh of the MacBook Pro 15" Retina.  The last refresh in May 2015 included faster processor and SSD, new GPU and trackpad but nothing amazing.

Here's my wishlist for Apple's next refresh.

  • Upgrade the current Crystal Well (Haswell) CPU to Skylake for improved performance and battery life
  • Option for up to 32GB RAM
  • Option for up to 1TB SSD
  • Replace magsafe, Thunderbolt, and USB on the left edge all with USB 3.1 C / Thunderbolt 3
  • Keep the right edge as-is for using older USB A devices such as a mouse without an adapter
  • Upgrade iSight camera to a wide-angle 4k one. Why? To support digital pan/scan @1080 and other software potential.

Totally fake photoshopped render


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