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Oslob Whale Shark Diving, Philippines

Last month I took a trip to Cebu and Oslob, Philippines for an experience of a lifetime to dive with whale sharks!  The guide from picked me up at 5am from Cebu city and drove me the 3 hours down to Oslob.

After a quick breakfast and briefing at the dive center, we geared up and dove right in.

We encountered the magnificent giants less than 100m from shore where it's just about 7m deep. Unfortunately the visibility was low due to a recent storm but it was still astonishing and the photos weren't so bad.

The whale sharks appear everyday since the locals feed them from boats. That also explains why they're often pictured vertically like below. The feeding is controversial but guarantees they'll be around for guests who traveled a long way for the experience.

Simple Raspberry Pi Interval Camera with Google Drive Upload

## Note: updated version can be found here ## This is essentially my notes for replicating a Raspberry Pi timelapse camera setup I have but I decided to publish it for others to use as well.  It assumes familiarity with Raspbian so I won't go into details until the camera and uploading sections.

HardwareRaspberry Pi B+Frosted enclosure for B+ w/ internal camera mountRaspberry Pi camera moduleHigh quality micro SDEdimax EW-7811Un WiFi USB Adapter Total price ~$75 USD
I selected the older Pi B+ model because I had an extra and because the B+ enclosure supports mounting the standard camera module cleanly within.  Kudos to the person/team who came up with that idea.

Setup the PiDownload and install Raspbian to the SD card normally. I used the newly released Raspbian Jessie.Run #raspi-config Expand filesystem Enable cameraSet timezoneChange passwordFinish (reboot)Edit /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf to setup WiFi authenticationEdit /etc/network/interfaces to change wlan0 from…

Loose Link Pins on the Huawei Watch (hwatch) Band

You're probably here because you've tried to remove links from your new Huawei Watch and found that the pins slide back into place with no resistance and fall right out.  It turns out that's because Huawei used a pin and collar link as opposed to a cotter pin.  Without the collar, the pin will slide right through the link.

By this time you might on your hands and knees to trying to find the collar which popped out when you yanked the pin.  Yep, I was too.  If you're lucky enough to find the miniscule tube then here's how to reinstall it properly.

Insert the collar into the center part of the link from the side with the arrow.  Connect the 2 ends of the band to be attached.  Insert the pin from the opposite side and push in the opposite direction of the arrow.  You'll feel resistance when the pin reaches the collar.  Keep pushing using a pin tool until the pin is just past flush with the link.  The pin and collar are indented so that a snap can be felt when the…