Oslob Whale Shark Diving, Philippines

Last month I took a trip to Cebu and Oslob, Philippines for an experience of a lifetime to dive with whale sharks!  The guide from Oslobwhalesharks.com picked me up at 5am from Cebu city and drove me the 3 hours down to Oslob.

After a quick breakfast and briefing at the dive center, we geared up and dove right in.

We encountered the magnificent giants less than 100m from shore where it's just about 7m deep. Unfortunately the visibility was low due to a recent storm but it was still astonishing and the photos weren't so bad.

The whale sharks appear everyday since the locals feed them from boats. That also explains why they're often pictured vertically like below. The feeding is controversial but guarantees they'll be around for guests who traveled a long way for the experience.


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