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Updated Raspberry Pi Timelapse Camera with Google Drive Upload

This is an update to my Original Raspberry Pi interval camera here
You can still use the old hardware but I'd recommend using the new scripts below

Changelog:New gdrive binaryCamera upgraded to v2Replaced fixed lens with M12 zoom lensScript updatesSplits uploads to drive directories by dayTries to fix WiFi connections when downGeneral cleanup HardwareRaspberry Pi B+ (or any other Rpi)Enclosure for B+Raspberry Pi v2 camera moduleHigh quality micro SDEdimax EW-7811Un WiFi USB Adapter (not required for Pi3 or Zero W)M12 mount 9-22mm zoom lens (note, find a seller selling the one with thread)Custom 3D printed lens mount with tripod screw holeAny cheap small tripod You'll need a display for focusing. The larger and higher def display the easier it will be to get a sharp focus. Setup the PiDownload and install Raspbian to the SD card normallyRun#raspi-configExpand filesystemEnable cameraSet timezoneChange passwordFinish (reboot)Setup WiFiOptionally setup LAN for static IPUpdate rasp…